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Large Language Models like ChatGPT are taking the world by storm. Whereas we’ve spent the last decades trying to automate manual jobs, it only took mere months for AIs to assault most white-collar jobs, including software development.

And while the arrival of AI has considerably lowered the barrier of entry to this field, it’s also become a tool to boost the capabilites of any software developer. So whether you’re curious about working with AI as a developer, looking for tools to integrate LLMs into your products, or looking for deep thoughts about the bleak future of an AI world, you’ve come to the right place.

“But why would I be the right person to help you?” you ask. Well, maybe the best person to take with you to your destination is the person heading the same way.

So come, and join me on my journey with AI and code ⛵️

Disclaimer: if content is generated by an LLM, it will always be explicited beforehand

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